High-quality twistlocks from ILS for safe cargo transport before or during Christmas

Do you want to safely transport Christmas gifts on a ship without causing any damage? Then you need world-class lashing materials to keep your cargo safe and secure. International Lashing Systems (ILS) is a world player specialized in cargo securing technology. We have a wide range of products, such as twistlocks that align containers on a vessel and prevent them from falling off the ship. Twistlocks are mainly used on the deck. We tell you more about our twistlocks below so that your cargo can be transported carefree.

What is a twistlock?

Twistlocks are conical automated devices, used to secure containers when transported on a ship. They have a rotating mechanism that goes into each corner casting of the containers. In contrast to stacking cones, they do not only align containers, but they also can be used to lock them together. Twistlocks are mostly used on a deck of a vessel. There are 2 types at ILS: the standard intermediate twistlock with a handle and the semi-automatic twistlock (SATL). They serve two different areas on the container stacks of a vessel, but both products ensure that your cargo is safe and secure.

Why twistlocks?

The primary uses are to securely stack containers. Twistlocks are devices that are primarily incorporated to join and lock containers vertically. They have a rotating mechanism that goes into each corner casting of the containers. Twistlocks make certain that containers stacked on top of each other are secured. Thus, twistlocks prevent accidental dislodging.

How do twistlocks work?

A twistlock generally has a cone shaped top, which is inserted into the top or bottom corner casting and then that cone shaped top is rotated 90 degrees to “lock” in place, so that it cannot be separated from the corner casting. A twistlock is a special, rotatable cone-shaped pin. There are attachment points on every corner of a container, into which they fit exactly. The containers can thus be secured to the ship and then stacked together. It is the job of the lasher that the twistlocks are placed and the handle is turned. This can happen automatically when automatic twistlocks are used.

Twistlock for a container

There is a method to secure cargo on a container. The bottom shipping containers are secured with twistlocks, locking them down to the deck of the ship. Lashing rods and turnbuckles are used as additional strength to help secure and hold the containers in place. There are many different twistlocks. Some are used for securing containers to trucks and some for securing containers to ships, others for stacking containers together. Depending on what your application may be for your shipping container, there is generally a twistlock available to assist you.

The twistlocks from ILS

ILS supports the industry by providing qualitative products, outstanding service and support. That’s very important if the Christmas gifts must be transported safely! With our head office in Antwerp, we are supplying our customers since 1974. The port of Antwerp is the second largest port in Europe and the fifth largest worldwide! This seaport, 80 kilometres inland, has extended gateways to all corners of Europe and great inland access to roads, railways and waterways and serves yearly more than 180-million-ton cargo. ILS has grown from a small warehouse into a world player specialized in cargo securing technology. We provide quality products that keep your cargo safe and secure. Most of our products are certified by DNV-GL, a global quality assurance and risk management company.

At ILS you can find several twistlocks. They are designed to stack and lock containers. A twistlock and corner casting together form a standardized rotating connector for securing shipping containers. Twistlocks are mostly used on the deck of a vessel. There are 2 types of twistlocks: the standard intermediate twistlock with a handle and the semi-automatic twistlock with a wire spring. We are happy to tell you more about our twistlocks!

Our different twistlocks

Do you need twistlocks for high pressure forces? The big surface semi-automatic twistlock (IF-56-BS) for example is a dual function semi-automatic twistlock, perfect for high pressure forces. Are you looking for a standard manual twistlock? Go for the standard intermediate twistlock (IF-51-L) with a handle. The breech base twistlock is perfect for securing containers on the deck (only for breech base sockets DF-66). The dovetail line load (BF-11-55-LL) twistlock 55° can be used perfectly for line load stowage. The longitudinal dovetail twistlock 45° (BF-11-45-L)  from cast steel housing and forged steel cone is a twistlock for securing containers on the deck. To be fitted in dovetail sockets of 45°. (DF-31-45)

We have the perfect twistlock for every situation. With our products you are assured that your cargo is transported excellently. And that’s what you want for the Christmas madness. Of course, you don’t want the Christmas gifts to go to waste. View our full range of twistlocks.

Why to choose ILS as your partner for twistlocks and other products?

We’ve got all the products you need for cargo securing under one roof. Our warehouse holds a very large stock of all high-quality lashing-related products. Whether you need twistlocks, chains, levers, D-rings, lashing bars or other products: we’ve got you covered. Our commitment to a fast delivery will keep you on course. Our network ensures the best service, you can count on us for a quick and efficient service. At ILS, we aim to provide the best products at the best price, without affecting the quality.

Safe cargo transportation before and during Christmas

With ILS as a partner, you opt for a carefree Christmas. All products are safely transported with the help of our twistlocks and other lashing material. Our stand-alone products are very simple and often serve a clear purpose. Haven’t found the twistlock you were looking for or other products? Our product portfolio is constantly growing, so stay tuned. Do you have any questions about our products or services? You can easily contact us. Our highly dedicated team is ready to help you answer your questions. Happy holiday wishes from the ILS team!