About us

We’ve known the twistlocks since 1974

Just like the port of Antwerp, where ILS has its head office, our company boasts an interesting and rich history. Over 40 years ago, British traders set up shop at ‘t Eilandje (literally: “the Islet”), a characteristic harbor neighborhood in the North of Antwerp.

And just as the port of Antwerp has evolved over the centuries into a leading world port and a major cargo hub, ILS has grown from a tiny warehouse selling all kinds of goods, into a world player specialized in cargo securing technology.

Today we can honestly say we are a world-class supplier of lashing materials, ensuring plain sailing for container, multipurpose and roro-ships hitting the waters. Our motto? Keeping your cargo safe and secure by providing quality products at the best price. Our experienced team of professionals is there to advise shipowners, shipyards and design companies alike. We will make sure your ship is on course in no time.


We take pride in getting it all delivered to you ahead of time

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Everything you need to run a tight ship

As a professional in the marine and offshore industry, we know you’re not just going to hit any port in a storm. Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got decades of experience in the design and manufacturing of lashing products.

Our warehouse is stocked to the brim with the best products on the market. Literally everything you need to run a tight ship.

At ILS, we take pride in getting it all over to you ahead of time.


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Large Stock

Imagine everything you may need to secure cargo onto a ship. All kinds of cargo, for that matter. Hard to imagine? Not for us. We’ve got it all under one roof.

Our warehouse holds a very large stock of all lashing-related products. That is, if they meet our high quality standards. Whether you need twistlocks, chains, levers, D-rings, lashing bars, etc.: we’ve got you covered.

Fast Delivery

Our commitment to a fast delivery will keep you on course. Over the years, ILS has developed an extensive network of agents and stockists in all major ports and shipbuilding nations around the world.

Our network ensures the best service, no matter your location. You can always count on us for a quick and efficient service.

Best Price

In an industry where safety and security are non-negotiable, we refuse to compromise on quality. Period. Our products are certified by DNV.

However, the highest quality doesn’t have to come at the highest price. At ILS, we aim to provide the best products at the best price. How’s that for smooth sailing?