The ship newbuilding is an essential part of the maritime industry, focusing on designing and constructing new ships, as opposed to retrofitting older ones (ship conversion). It’s an industry that constantly evolves to meet the changing demands of global trade, and major players are spread across the globe, including South Korea, China, Japan, Turkey and Germany.

Engineering knowhow and custom parts for Ship Newbuilding

In this dynamic sector, ILS holds a pivotal role. We specialise in creating and supplying innovative lashing solutions, particularly for all kinds of cargo vessels like, bulk, container and RoRo ships. As the industry evolves, so do the requirements for securing cargo – a challenge that we meet head-on. We tailor our lashing equipment to secure cargo for a wide range of ships, thereby ensuring maritime safety and voyage efficiency.

Building a ship is a long and hefty process. As a supplier of fixed and loose lashing materials, we are aware of the fact that we play just a small role in that large waterfall-structured project and that a project manager’s worst nightmare is for this relatively simple item not to be in order. Therefore we strive to deliver as timely as possible, sometimes going the extra mile to make sure not to cause any delays.


Constructing a ship is an intricate and substantial process. As a supplier of fixed and loose lashing materials, we recognize our role within this vast, cascading project. We understand the project manager’s concern about even the simplest component being out of place. Thus, we prioritise prompt delivery.

At ILS, we don’t just provide lashing systems; we bridge the gap between advanced vessel products and the crucial need for safe cargo transportation. By fulfilling this role, we help keep the new shipbuilding sector at the cutting-edge of innovation, all while prioritising cargo safety and integrity.


As a supplier of fixed and loose lashing materials we bridge the gap between advanced vessel products and the crucial need for safe cargo transportation.

Why you should sail along with ILS for new shipbuilding

ILS stands out by having an in-house engineering unit, dedicated to designing and developing innovative lashing solutions. They work closely with customers to understand their unique challenges and requirements. With our expertise and advanced engineering capabilities, ILS can offer custom-made lashing systems tailored to specific needs, ensuring the highest level of cargo safety and efficiency.

Having an in-house engineering unit also allows for continuous improvement and adaptation to industry advancements, giving customers access to cutting-edge lashing technologies and solutions.

The combination of a comprehensive product range and custom expertise further solidifies ILS’ commitment to providing top-quality and reliable cargo securing solutions for their clientele.


Expert advice

As we are closing in on almost 50 years of experience in the lashing industry, with over 1100 clients in 40 countries, we are able to provide professional advice to our customers.

Our team of specialists possesses in-depth knowledge of our wide range in cargo securing products. That way we can guide our customers in selecting the most suitable products for their specific cargo. This personalised advice contributes to optimal cargo security and customer satisfaction.

Fast delivery

ILS understands the importance of time in ship newbuilding. Through our direct connections with important shipping countries like South Korea, China, Japan, Turkey and Germany, we are able to provide fast delivery of our custom  products.

By producing our own custom products and stocking them in our secured warehouses, can we with efficient logistics and effective inventory management, make sure we process and deliver orders swiftly. Customers can rely on timely and reliable shipment of their cargo securing systems.

Best price

ILS aims to offer competitive prices for their high-quality cargo securing systems. Werecognize the significance of cost control for our customers and strive to deliver value for every invested euro. With our extensive stock and efficient  processes, we can provide customers with the best price-to-quality ratio.


Ensuring the safety of your valued cargo
with superior quality and competitive pricing.


Meet Bram, lead engineer for ship newbuilding and ship conversion!

Hi, my name is Bram, lead engineer at the dynamic team at ILS. I was drawn to the vibrant culture of dynamism, the spirit of quick decision-making, the track record of impressive results, and the thrilling prospects of upcoming expansions. This environment sparked my imagination and holds endless possibilities for the future.

At ILS, they pride themselves on fostering a work atmosphere that encourages creativity and fosters innovation. Therefore I believe in making swift, informed decisions to drive progress and deliver exceptional outcomes for our clients.

I contribute with my background in the new shipbuilding sector, where ILS focuses on creating custom parts for various vessels. I’m eager to collaborate and support our goal of providing tailored solutions for new shipbuilding and ship conversion projects.  I’looking forward to hear your request.

Highlighted projects for ship newbuilding


Custom parts for two RoRo ships

South Korea

ILS got a project in South Korea where they built custom parts for two RoRo ships, this was particularly for the transport of electric vehicles.


Development of Istanbul market for shipbuilding projects


ILS is developing their istanbul market with a local agent to create opportunities with multiple small newbuilding projects for different kind of vessels.

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