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A twistlock is a mechanical fastener used to lock a container in place on a vessel. There are different types of twistlocks with different applications and features. For example, you can choose between left-closing and right-closing variants. These products are manufactured from high-quality galvanised steel, so they are protected against weather and sea water.

Twistlocks for containers

A twistlock can be used to secure containers and swap bodies. This twistable, conical pin is specially designed for this purpose. Containers have attachment points at every corner. The twistlock fits precisely into these, allowing containers to be secured on the ship and then stacked and locked vertically. The twistlocks feature precise dimensions, making them an excellent fit on a standard ISO shipping container. The lasher’s job is to place twistlocks and turn the lever. This can also be done automatically when placing, if automatic rotary lock is chosen.

Left- or right-handed locking

Twistlocks are available in both left- and right-closing variants. In a left-closing variant, the lever is on the right in the open position. The lever is closed to the left after placing the containers, after which the twistlock is locked. The right-closing variant has a lever that is on the left when open and closes to the right. For use, it does not matter whether you choose a left- or right-closing twistlock. This depends on your own preferences. For stacking containers, it is often chosen to close all levers inwards. In this case, two left-closing and two right-closing twistlocks are needed to stack two containers. You can also consider purchasing only twistlocks with the same closure, so sorting is not necessary as the locks are fully interchangeable. This saves time and minimises the risk of mistakes.

Difference between twistlock and stackers

A twistlock is a type of cone. Unlike cones, the primary feature of twistlocks is that containers are locked together. A twistlock therefore secures the containers, while the cone only prevents containers from sliding.

Dovetail twistlock

In addition to manual and semi-automatic twistlocks, we also offer dovetail twistlocks. Dovetail twistlocks are used for easily and securely attaching bottom containers to hatch covers. These locks are very useful for customising containers for different applications.

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