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Shipping is a lot in the news due to cargo and steel prices that continue to rise. Despite rising prices, cargo transport mostly continues, and it is important that cargo is transported accurately. And that is where ILS can help you: we are expert in securing cargo. Are you going to transport your cargo by sea? Then you need cargo securing materials! ILS is a world player specialized in cargo securing technology. Our warehouse holds a very large stock of all high-quality lashing related products. Whether you need twistlocks, chains, levers, D-rings, lashing bars and more: we’ve got you covered. Read more about our services, products, history and how we can be of service to you.

What is cargo securing?

Cargo securing means ensuring that cargoes do not move or rub against each other during transit, for example overseas. Improper securing can result in accidents, environmental damage and sometimes even loss of life. These situations can be prevented by securing cargo using the guidelines set by authorities and the use of cargo securing materials.

What is the purpose of securing cargo?

Securing cargo is important for the safety at sea. If the storage of cargo is not secure enough, it can lead to serious ship causalities, damage, and injury. This in result takes a toll on the loaded cargo, causing damage to other cargo in the vicinity or even throwing the cargo overboard. Securing cargo is not only important at sea but also during loading and discharge.

The benefits of cargo securing

The importance of cargo securing doesn’t always get the attention it needs which leads to cargo damage, loss of property and at times, even loss of life. But what are the benefits of cargo securing?

  • The safety of cargo and people handling the cargo
  • Protecting equipment and carrier from damage
  • Complying with laws and regulations
  • Avoiding financial losses
  • Positive company reputation
  • Preventing debris
  • Reducing clean-up costs
  • Avoiding lawsuits and fines
  • Preventing cargo theft

Your securing cargo specialist

We support the industry by providing qualitative products and outstanding service and support. With our head office in Antwerp, we are supplying our customers since 1974. It began with a shop at ‘t Eilandje (literally: “the Islet”), a characteristic harbor neighborhood in the North of Antwerp, where British traders started trading in twistlocks. Now the port of Antwerp is the second largest port in Europe and the fifth largest worldwide! This seaport, 80 kilometers inland, has extended gateways to all corners of Europe and great inland access to roads, railways and waterways and serves yearly more than 180-million-ton cargo.

As the port of Antwerp has evolved over the centuries into a leading world port and major cargo hub, ILS has grown from a small warehouse into a world player specialized in cargo securing technology. Right now, we can say that we are a world-class supplier of lashing materials. We provide quality products that keep your cargo safe and secure. Our experienced team of professionals is here to advise shipowners, shipyards, and companies about our cargo securing products

We offer various securing products. Below you will find a selection.


At ILS you can find several twistlocks. It’s designed to stack and lock containers. A twistlock and corner casting together form a standardized rotating connector for securing shipping containers. Twistlocks are mostly used on a deck of a vessel. There are 2 types of twistlocks: the standard intermediate twistlock with a handle and the semi-automatic twistlock with a wire spring.

cargo securing

Lashing bars and turnbuckles

Lashing bars are devices used in combination with turnbuckles, to tension a ship’s container lashing. The swivel head is made to fit into the end of the container corner casting. The other end is attached to the appropriate turnbuckle for the specific container. The turnbuckle on its turn is tied to the ship’s deck with a lashing plate. There are 2 types: the knob lashing bar which should be used with the knob turnbuckle and the eye/swivelhead lashing bar which should be used with the jaw/hook turnbuckles. We offer these turnbuckles and lashing bars. Our lashing bars are available in different lengths.

cargo securing

Stacking cones

Stacking cones are container lashing devices that fit perfectly into the holes at the corners of containers. They are specially made to align stacked containers on a ship and prevent them from falling. However, they do not lock containers together. To make sure the containers don’t fall due to extremely bad weather or other causes, a double stacking cone can be placed that aligns the containers horizontally. Stacking cones are mostly used in the hold of a vessel. They are available with and without a flange.

cargo securing

The benefits of ILS: world player in cargo securing technology

As a professional in the marine and offshore industry, we know you’re not just going to hit any port in a storm. Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got decades of experience in the design and manufacturing of lashing products. Our warehouse is stocked to the brim with the best products on the market. Literally everything you need to run a tight ship. The benefits of ILS:

  • Fast delivery
  • Best price
  • Global player
  • Own products
  • Best service
  • Sells to 100+ countries

Always safe and secure with ILS

Cargo securing should be a priority. Investing time in it ensures cargo safety and avoidance of potential losses and even loss of life. With our securing products you ensure that your goods arrive safely at their destination, without damage.

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