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We have a hughe amount of lashing products, divided in 8 different product categories. Some lahsing products protect against water and ensure trouble-free cable connections. Others are conical automated devices, used to secure containers when transported on a ship. In 8 steps, we explain the purpose of each lashing product categorie and indicate the differences.


Desk Sockets and D-rings are two different types of lashing products. D-rings are generally shaped in the letter D. Deck Sockets can have all kinds of shapes. Both types of products also have different sub-benefits. However, they have a general thing in common: both products have a weldable lashing point of which the strap gets welded to the deck of the vessel. It can be used with lashing chains or webbing straps to secure cargo to deck.

Deck Sockets protects against water and ensure trouble-free cable connections.

D-rings are deck hardware that are primarily used when tethering a ship. All our D-rings are foldable and function as perfect lashing points. We offer units that can be used on deck, for car lashing or for breech base socket.

lashing products


Stacking Cones and Twistlocks align containers on a vessel and prevent them from falling off the ship. Stacking Cones are mainly used in the hold of the cargo ship, where the Twistlocks are mainly used on the deck. Therefore, they serve two different areas of the boat, but both lashing products ensure that your cargo is safe and aligned.

Besides the fact that both products align cargo, they both have their own USPs. Stacking Cones are container lashing devices that fit perfectly into the holes at the corners of containers. As they are specially made to align stacked containers on a ship and prevent them from falling, they do not lock containers together. A double Stacking Cone can be placed that aligns the containers horizontally.

Twistlocks are conical automated devices, used to secure containers on a ship. They have a rotating mechanism that goes into each corner casting of the containers. In contrast to Stacking Cones, they also can be used to lock them together.

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The similarity of lashing bars and turnbuckles is that they both span the container lashings of a cargo ship. Lashing bars are devices used in combination with turnbuckles, to tension a ship’s container lashing. Turnbuckles are used to tension a ship’s cargo container lashing.

We offer a total of 7 different lashing products in this category, which ensure that they always fit in a corner of the container and the tension can be flexibly adjusted.

In addition, the products all offer their own technical advantages, so we can guarantee that there is a solution for every question.

lashing products


Our fourth product category includes Supports and Bridgefittings. Lashing materials are used in the holds to make container blocks.

Bridgefittings are used for side-by-side storage and multiple stacking of containers.

The Supports have a load tension of 850 and the Bridgefittings are the perfect support for stacking your containers safely side by side or next to each other. Both products are made of high tensile steel.

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The name of the product Elephant Foot Sockets says it all: they are fixed lashing points for elephant foots. The Carlashing Sockets also indicate their purpose: they are fixed lashing points to secure your cars and other cargo aboard a ship.

Both lashing products are manufactured out of high bended and welded high tensile steel.

We offer five different products to ensure that your elephant foots and cars are safely secured on board of the cargo ship.

lashing products


This time, we will cover 3 lashing products with all their own characteristics. Our Lashing Chains are chains for safely lashing cargo or containers. Chainturnbuckles are hooks used to tighten the rigging and lashings of a ship.

The tension levers increase the tension on lashing chains and allow for frequent adjustments and easy securing. We often see that these 3 products reinforce each other.

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If you transport vehicles on your cargo ship, then these three lashing products are of undeniable value. Each of them ensures that the vehicles can travel safely and stably on the cargo ship. For larger vehicles in particular, a combination of the products is recommended. We will be happy to advise you on this.

In short, the products serve the following three purposes:

  • Weblashings are straps to securely tighten cars and other cargo in the holds.
  • Trailerhorses are lashing materials used to support trailers.
  • Chocks are used to secure the wheels of cars, trucks and other vehicles.


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Our last product category is Corner Castings, which are, very easily said, the corners of a shipping container.

These structural elements are used to connect a shipping container to modes of transport (ship, rail, road, …) or to other shipping containers.

The cast steel corner castings are suitable for building a complete container or for repair work. The Corner Castings are often used in a self-designed construction.

lashing products

Simple and complex at the same time

Our stand-alone lashing products are very simple and often serve a clear purpose. However, our product portfolio is constantly growing and we have learned from our customers that the more products we offer, the more complex it gets.

Behind our lashing products is a highly dedicated team, ready to help you to find the right solutions. So feel free to ask us your question, whether you can find it on the website or not, because personal contact makes things just that little bit more fun for everyone!

We are in daily contact with people from all over the world.  That provides a lot of knowledge and interesting insights.