safety at work

Safety at work & how to avoid problems while securing cargo

Safety at work is your priority N°1. Securing cargo can be a dangerous job. A lot is happening around and above you, while you are securing the cargo.  Learn these free tips by heart and work as safely as you can.

1.Wear the right kind of personal protective equipment. When you work without the right equipment, your life is at risk.

2. Understand all the safety procedures. Know the methods and practices of cargo handling and make sure you adopt them without shortcuts.

3. Identify shelter positions. You need to be aware of your shelter options. They will protect you when cargo falls.

4. Secure your cargo properly. Secure cargo = Safe cargo. Loose items can be dangerous.

5. Use your lifting equipment the right way. The equipment must have been tested and maintained according to the regulations and rules.

6. Do not stand under a hoisted cargo. Ensure a safe path for the hoisting of the cargo and make the personnel well aware of the loading path. Stay clear of incoming cargo.

7. Check enclosed spaces for their oxygen content and ventilate thoroughly before entry.

8. Do not handle cargo in poor visibility. You need to see each area of your workplace clearly.

9. Supervise close while handling bulk cargoes. It ensures a safely handled cargo and makes sure someone is watching the people working in the hatch at all times.

If at any point of time, safety at work is compromised in any way, it is important to contact the supervisor.  Explain him about the unsafe situation and provide the right solution to work in a safe environment.

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safety at work
safety at work
safety at work