The basic reasons of cargo loss or damage

Full container cargo is handled by so many different parties, from the overseas factory until it is delivered to the point of destination. You have to keep in mind that there might be turbulent waters during an ocean voyage. It is important to secure your cargo properly.

Do you know the most common reasons for cargo loss?

Water damage & Condensation
Temperature changes: While temperature changes, it may cause condensation inside the container, which can cause the cargo to get wet.  When you find small holes in the container, water might get in.

Damages due to improper lashing and stuffing

  • Uneven weight distribution
  • Extremely heavy cargo
  • Improper loading of the pallets
  • Poor lashing
  • Improper usage of the cargo securing gear
  • Incorrect or unbalanced stowage and inadequate weight distribution

Impacts that the container took

Lack of knowledge
It’s important to follow the guidelines or regulations for cargo lashing and securing.

Cost control pressures
Due to the economic downfall, costs are getting cut which means less quality for cargo securing.

Severe and adverse weather conditions
Fail to foresee the ship’s characteristics and bad weather behaviour.


A lot of problems can be avoid by using the right way of securing.  We provide you the best lashing materials available to avoid cargo loss or damage.